Fogless Mirror | Fog Free Mirror | Anti Fog Mirror - For Shaving and Shower

Fog Free Mirror

Fogless Mirror | Anti Fog Mirror | Fogless Shaving Mirror | Fog Free Shower Mirror

Mirrus is the only everlasting fogless shower shaving mirror that combines 100% non-fog shaving, 100% portability and 100% hassle free ownership. Essential equipment for men – and the way men want it, nothing to go wrong and maintenance free. Mirrus fog free mirror works every time right in your shower enabling you to shave in 45 seconds.

Elegant design and carefully engineered features, including a perfect STAINLESS STEEL MIRROR, make it a design classic that will always be a pleasure to own and use. There is nothing else that comes close to the user satisfaction given by mirrus fogless shaving mirror – check our testimonials.

The Mirrus Fogless Mirror

  • Stylish
  • Long Lasting
  • Hook Free
  • Tough
  • Solid
  • Portable
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Men's Gifts Idea - Fog Free Shower Mirror

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Fog Free Mirror
(Razor not included)
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