Mirrus - Product Details


This is why MIRRUS is the best shower shaving mirror a man can get!


  1. Razor holder with vents – holds all razors securely
  2. Perfect STAINLESS STEEL mirror – will not distort in humidity like plastic does or break like glass. Easy to clean.
  3. Tough frame – Tough ABS polymer designed to bounce, unlike brittle Acrylic  plastic frames of other mirrors
  4. Sized just right – full face image at shaving distance. Sized to fit toiletries bags.


  1. Elegant and simple design – NO installation, hooks, sticky pads, hangers, hoses, lights, batteries, radios, or valves to go wrong. Mirrus will work trouble- free indefinitely!
  2. Sucker – Reliable Nitrile rubber will not let go like PVC suckers do. ‘Breaker’ notch provided to release mirror when ‘chin’ of mirror lifted  (yes, suction is that good! ) This makes Mirrus instantly repositionable for all users e.g. for ladies’ make-up removal.
  3. Heat Cells – retain hot shower water in the back, to stop fog forming on front of Mirrus. Mirrus does not use non-fog coatings which always deteriorate rapidly.

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